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So what is Reddit thinking? Well, they’ve never really made any reference to this. But they did tell us this: We don’t know very well what types of account product sales or domain product sales you might be talking about. We are perhaps not at this time considering selling records, but we’re ready to accept it. We liked your final remark. Types of, put your mind on what we said before about being a contributor. Like, look at the top comment of this response by Niall. Mrs.

Has lots of information, so is it necessary to compose a book from scratch? No! visit Reddit, find interesting content, get the showcased post and write your remark. The ‘reply karma’ choice lets you get more karma once you reply to another person’s comment. The ‘edit karma’ option lets you get more karma when you edit a post. This will be of good use if you want to add an even more detailed description to a post or proper spelling or sentence structure errors.

Some individuals may want to offer their Reddit account to some other person. If you would like offer your account to some other person, please do this in a personal message. We shall perhaps not offer your Reddit account. Should you want to try an occasion administration strategy, think about unplugging from computer cause to check out what are the results. You can’t have significantly more posting’s monthly. It is possible to upload as numerous times while you want, though you can not any faster than others.

If you help united states, everyone up mod united states or server us bigger, while help obtain the mods post interactions right before that, you will get more unmoded interactions, when you are achieving this with no interactions with a mod, I do not think you may continue. As a genuine, you’re currently rated 37 and working, this will be great. Finally, if you prefer more karma, that is thought to be a selfish production inside culture you’re trying to alter, likely.

Is it a good idea? We asked Redditors and non-Redditors due to their viewpoints. Non-Redditors. The first group we talked to had been non-Redditors. We asked them if they thought it was advisable for Reddit to start selling records. There was plenty of opposition toward idea. The reason why for that opposition included: it could produce a poor community. Redditors whom enter into arguments along with other Redditors on Reddit could lose their reports. It would remove an integral part of the freedom of Reddit.

Including: we asked a question on r/science, which individual posted, I quickly asked for the response and also this individual posted it, and some hours later this individual upvoted my response. I cannot figure out how to get a person to post reply to my question, then upvote my response a couple of hours later on.


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