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The simplest strategy is being present with the object of contemplation. What does this practice look like? While doing this, there’s absolutely no need to have to think of what is being contemplated, simply really feel it. It may be helpful to produce items down, draw pictures, sing, dance, play instruments, take a shower, and do other small things which won’t distract from the contemplation. You can also practice contemplation of terms, sounds, images, and activities.

The most important point to remember would be that the process should be an adventure of the existing moment, not a little something that requires reading sophisticated steps. It was an invitation to explore the depths of my being, to face fears, insecurities, and doubts. This technique of self-exploration wasn’t about judgment but about acceptancea recognition of the imperfect beauty within. Contemplative prayer can serve as a pathway to self discovery.

In the silence, I confronted factors of myself that stayed undetectable in the chaos of daily living. Imagine this: you’re not lost in a daydream, neither are you meticulously meditating on a mantra. Fully, silently existing, like a sunbeam illuminating a forgotten corner of the soul of yours. Which, the close friends of mine, is the essence of contemplative prayer. For the place your treasure is, there your heart is going to be also.

But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves don’t get broken in and steal. Don’t place up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and just where thieves break in and take. I used to think prayer was mainly approximately bringing requests to God or giving thanks. My prayer life was comprised of asking for help with problems, lifting up requirements, and thanking God for blessings.

While those elements are important, I’ve come to find prayer as something much more deeply through contemplative prayer. Contemplative prayer opened the ears of mine to hear from the Bit Spirit in new ways. As I sat in stillness, focusing on God’s presence rather compared to the words of mine, my perspective shifted. I discovered prayer is equally as much about quieting myself to listen to God as it is about speaking to Him.

To get entirely engaged in God is being fully contained in God. What does it entail to fully engage in God? If we are not fully contained in God, then we’re not completely engaged in God. To fully participate in God is being totally involved in God. I craved stillness, a refuge from the ceaseless mental traffic. The personal journey of mine with contemplative prayer began with a fairly easy question: what is beyond the chatter of my thought process?

And so, I ventured into the mysterious, guided by whispers of ancient wisdom as well as the light nudges of intuition. These 2 feelings are going to distract from the object of contemplation, that will then make the contemplation difficult. When the thing of contemplation is an individual (which is often the case), the procedure has to be achieved in a way that does not result in either aversion or attachment.

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